This blog post summarizes the key highlights of the Digital Immunization Passport (DIP) project. We implemented and evaluated an end-to-end workflow for handling immunization information in a human-centric way, and we provided the necessary infrastructure for all participating stakeholders to demonstrated the functionality in real-world use cases: Yellow Fever and Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination.
The project has received funding from NGI_DAPSI (DAPSI 1st open call), the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871498.

The focus of this project is on Data Interoperability & Compatibility through establishing interfaces between health industry and individuals as well as pushing forward on standardized interfaces for data stores. Additionally, we address Data Transparency (Usage Policies and Data Provenance in Semantic Containers) and Security & Privacy (by applying blockchain technology and digital watermarking on data sharing). A key challenge in making institutional data available to individuals is authentication. In this project we demonstrated the use of biometric features to identify individuals and generate a unique identifier that can either be managed as a decentralized identifier (DID) or via a national Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The project team consisted of the partners OwnYourData (OYD) and the Human Colossus Foundation (HCF), who shared conceptual and development work. As a result the following deliverables were made available:

The project was presented at the NGI DAPSI final event on June 2nd, 2021: The Web after the Platforms.  There we showed the following short summary video of our projet.

If you have any questions about the Digital Immunization Passport or about OwnYourData in general don’t hesitate to contact us as