Personium Collaboration

Personium and OwnYourData are proud to announce a partnership for collaborating in Personal Data Store interoperability.

During the MyData 2019 conference (September 2019) in Helsinki, several PDS (Personal Data Store) innovators had come together and discussed openly regarding the interoperability between different PDSs. After the conference, Christoph Fabianek (OwnYourData) and Salman Farmanfarmaian (Freezr) contributed a first draft of the implementation document: CEPS – Common Endpoint for Personal data Stores.

The goal of the initiative is to allow users of different PDSs (right now: Freezr, Personium, Datafund, Data Vault) to use the same app (i.e., data processing capabilities) and switch between data stores. In a first step a simple app (Tally Zoo: maintain a tally chart for frequent tasks and collect your everyday data) was implemented that can connect natively to the individual PDSs. Subsequently, common interfaces for authorization and common operations like read/write should be harmonized across participating organizations to decouple data store development and app development.

Feel free to contact Dixon or Christoph if you have any questions or want to join the effort. We expect to showcase results in the upcoming MyData 2020 events.