IM4DEC: Identity Management for Digital Emergency Communication has been selected for funding as one of the brightest projects for building the Next Generation Internet in Europe

OwnYourData and DEC112 are taking part in TRUSTCHAIN, to co-develop a new software ecosystem for fostering a human-centred, trustworthy, and sustainable internet


The spirit of the first-generation Internet based on individual freedom, material progress, and moral community is slowly turning into individualism, materialism, and moralism, diverging from essential ethical and democratic principles that should underline this technology. The design choice of the past, based on a mix of centrally managed networking and device technologies makes today’s Internet obsolete when it comes to empowering all citizens to act for a more environmentally friendlier digital transformation, as well as to create a more resilient, inclusive, and democratic society, addressing inequalities and human rights, better prepared for and responsive to threats and disasters.

For these reasons, TrustChain’s overarching goal is to build a portfolio of Next Generation Internet protocols and an ecosystem of decentralised software solutions that uphold the highest human ideals, including those set forth in the United Nations’ charter, including respect for human rights, ethics, sustainability, energy efficiency, our care for the environment, and our respect for the history of cultures around the world.

Through its 5 Open Calls, TrustChain will address a number of issues including dependable and trustworthy digital identification, robust, secure, and trustworthy data pathways, data economics and trade, energy-efficient data storage, transport, and sharing, and seamless services and data flows.

A total of 100 projects applied for the call and the evaluation process resulted in the selection of 13 proposals. IM4DEC is one of the 13 funded projects and will implement and evaluate an important advancement for Decentralised Identifiers: DID Rotation together with relevant standardisation and validation for the DID Resolution process. Furthermore, it provides the technical (Registration Service) and legal (DPIA) basis for individuals to use DIDs. All of this embedded in the highly relevant emergency services domain to support minorities and the oppressed.

TRUSTCHAIN will support IM4DEC through a 9-month programme and provide funding support up to 115.000 Euros. As part of the action, experts in diverse fields will also provide technology development guidance, working methodology, as well as access to top infrastructure, coaching, visibility and community building support.



Take a look at the TRUSTCHAIN innovators portfolio to see more information about the projects selected. For the IM4DEC project find also detailed information at websites from OwnYourData and DEC112.

To read more about TRUSTCHAIN please visit the website: