Data Vault Deployment

Docker is required to install and run OwnYourData. The data vault is installed on the commandline and requires the following 5 docker images:

  • Database: postgres:9.6.4
  • Message Broker: rabbitmq:3-management
  • OwnYourData Data Vault: oydeu/oyd-pia2
  • Schedulder: oydeu/srv-scheduler
  • Running periodic tasks: oydeu/srv-worker

A script on Github is available for configuring and starting Docker containers. Run the following command in an empty directory to download and start the script:

bash <(wget -qO-

You have to provide the following four pieces of information:

  • IP address of the computer on which you want to run the data vault
  • Port number under which the data vault is to be reached
    (default value: 3000)
  • Gmail address for sending emails – necessary to create an account in the data vault and to send the weekly data summaries (eg:
  • the associated password to the Gmail address

The data vault is then available under the respective IP address and user accounts can be set up. The following blog posts describe how to use OwnYourData on your own NAS (such as Synology) and on an Asus VivoMini.